Virginia Justice and Safety Virginia Justice and Safety

Scope of Services:

Criminal Justice:

  • Promoting appropriate education, treatment, rehabilitation, and punishment
  • Helping address juvenile justice issues
  • Promoting "restorative justice" efforts
  • Supporting restitution programs
  • Assisting with budgets and annual reports
  • Providing research, crime analysis, and strategic planning
  • Encouraging citizen involvement and participation
  • Establishing community service and offender-work programs
  • Assisting attorneys searching for truth and justice by providing legal research, interviewing, photography, testimony, report, and profile analysis

Public Safety:

  • Empowering citizens through education, awareness, preparedness and training
  • Helping establish and assess emergency preparedness plans
  • Enhancing public safety through education, awareness, prevention, and proactive measures to combat crime
  • Helping parents, schools, churches, and other social institutions identify issues leading to criminal activity and other self-destructive behavior
  • Offering firearms training and education
  • Teaching crisis prevention and intervention techniques
  • Hardening targets of predatory crimes such as robbery, burglary, home invasion, assault, and scams
  • Sponsoring crime prevention assessments and education: "Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars"
  • Pursuing gang awareness, prevention, and interdiction
  • Offering personal protection and awareness consulting