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Advanced Handgun and Defensive Shooting Courses

Advanced Handgun and Defensive ShootingWhen all other methods fail you may be required to use force as last resort to protect your life or the lives of others. A firearm is unquestionably the most effective defensive tool available, if it is used properly. We teach the following concepts in the advanced handgun and defensive shooting class: handgun safety, carry options, defensive shooting, cover and concealment, self-defense law, deadly force, liability and other legal aspects. This course is designed for those with handgun experience or those that have had the Basic Handgun Safety Course. Courses are scheduled routinely in various locations. If your group, business or organization would like to host a class, or you prefer individual instruction, we travel to your location. Usually 5 or 6 students are enough to form a class in most areas.

Cost is $75

Instructors possess law enforcement, military, NRA and other certifications.

For more information, register for a course, or have questions about hosting or organizing a course contact us.